Treatment & FAQs

What information do I need to tell you?

I will ask you where you are feeling uncomfortable or restricted. I don't need your full medical history or diagnosis. I do not treat diseases or conditions, rather I tailor the treatment to easing and releasing the areas you are feeling the discomfort.

How long does a treatment take?

Allow an hour for your first session so we can talk. The actual treatment time will only be around 20 minutes, depending on your needs. Subsequent sessions, should they be required, will typically last between 20 minutes and 40 minutes.

How will I be treated?

Treatments can be done with you sitting, standing or lying on a massage table if this is comfortable. Treatments done sitting or standing are very helpful if your discomfort is severe. Treatments done lying on a massage table are very helpful for relaxation and general wellbeing. 

How many treatments will I need?

Most clients have 3 treatments, some less, some more and many continue to return on a regular basis for a 'top-up'. The choice is yours.

What should I wear?

Light, loose, comfortable clothing is ideal to wear for the treatment. Tight clothing or dense material such as denim jeans are not suitable.

What will it cost?

All treatments are charged at £50.
Home visits can be arranged at an additional charge of between £10 & £15  depending on the travel time.
Preferred payment is via bank transfer, debit or credit card via PayPal, cheque or cash (correct money please).

How do I get there?
By car: From the A2043 Kingston Road, turn into Westbury Avenue. Albemarle Gardens is then the second road on the right. Parking space is available on the road outside the house.

By train: New Malden rail station is only 10 minutes walk.
Click here to download a more detailed map.

COVID-19 safety
Additional COVID-19 safety protocols have been put in place to safeguard everyone who visits the clinic – click here for additional information.