Having had frequent severe headaches…

Having had frequent severe headaches for most of my life and having tried numerous therapies including acupuncture, homeopathy and cranial osteopathy, I was not overly optimistic when I made my first appointment with Lesley. After my initial treatment there was a notable improvement and following subsequent treatments I have been practically headache free for six months.

I cannot recommend Lesley and the Emmett technique strongly enough.

Lesley Callard

I cannot recommend Lesley enough…

I cannot recommend Lesley enough and wish I had found her earlier. After years of suffering with neck and back pain, having tried all other treatments which offered very short term relief I didn’t hold much hope. The Emmett Technique was exceptionally effective and non invasive.

Lesley is a lovely person and really takes the time to understand what’s causing you issues enabling her to provide the best possible solution.

Howard Lyons


I love hearing from happy clients about how the EMMETT Technique has improved their quality of life, however, the EMMETT Technique DOES NOT claim to treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. It may help relax areas of tension and allow the area of the body treated to feel lighter and easier.  All client stories are in their own words and are published here with their permission. Each person is unique and may have their own individual responses.